How to review the account

Published on: 2010-08-27
Duties: Review the account of each RCSC and authorize permission according to effective information of user registration;

When a user has registered, the system will send an email to the mailbox of each RCSC manager according to the region selected by the user and remind you of reviewing the account in the site back-ground. Time limit: two days.

1, Log-in the technical support website, get access to "Management Entrance";

2, Tick the user to be reviewed, implement "pass review/do not pass review ";

3, When implementing "do not pass review", please enter the reason of “do not pass” in the dialog box that pops up and submit it; after that, there will be an reminding email for the user;

4, After implementing "pass review", the current system will not automatically authorize the user with permission. You are required to click the "user name link" and add "Advanced Customer User Group" for the Common Users and submit it.