How to log in to the system by associating multiple accounts with a mobile phone number or mailbox?

Published on: 2019-07-12
FAQ1: In what circumstances will the repeated account selection box pop up?
Answer: The prerequisites for selecting a duplicate account are as follows:
1. A mobile phone number or mailbox is associated with multiple accounts, or multiple accounts have the same username.
2. When you log in to the current service system by using a mobile phone number and password, or by using a mailbox and a password, multiple accounts associated with the mobile phone number or mailbox are not registered in the current system or more than two accounts are registered in the current system.

FAQ2: How to perform the operation after the repeated account selection box pops up?
Select an account, and click OK. If the password is correct, the login is successful. Otherwise, the login fails.

FAQ3: If the system prompts you that the account is invalid or frozen, what can I do?
Answer: A user can log in to the system by using another account. If a user must use this account to log in, the user can report faults by phone or email. After the application is approved, the administrator can use this account.