Knowledge Base

Structure of GCSC System Platform

      Currently the most direct knowledge platform to solve technical requests/problems of customers is the knowledge base, which will be surely the indispensable knowledge platform for ZTE product maintenance and consists of three sub-bases:

      Standard solutions database answers some common technical questions and is composed of various standard solutions. It may be used as a reference for solving common technical problems. The data come from O&M manuals of various products, standard solutions to common problems and standard solutions to inherent problems of various versions.

      Solutions experience library answers some difficult questions and is composed of the onsite maintenance experience of maintenance staff. Users may further query it if they cannot find answers to certain technical questions in the standard solutions database. The data in the experience library come from the maintenance experience of various products and various valuable call logs!

      Technical manual library provides common knowledge on products and is composed of technical manuals of various products. It can be invoked to answer customer-raised questions about product performance indices, structure, functions and so on.