Realtime Supervision

      ZTE GCSC monitors and tracks global customer problems in real time. According to ZTE customer support SOP (Standard Operation Procedure), problems of different severities shall be solved within different time. Once a customer-initiated problem is not solved in the specified time, ZTE GCSC will automatically issue an alarm. ZTE GCSC will have a close eye on overdue problems and seek for the best engineer and solution strictly according to the problem escalation rules, and dispatch resources as necessary to solve problems at the earliest possible time. By the global tracking and supervision system of ZTE GCSC, the solving process and results of every customer problem registered in the system can be clearly seen and the department responsible can be determined. Therefore, the service system of ZTE GCSC is a management system that can quickly respond to customer requirements and solve customers' technical problems in the real sense.

      Users can feel free to click on the global problem supervision map of ZTE GCSC to view the equipment problems being processed and the overdue customer problems.

Time criteria:

Processing Record No. Subject Problem Severity Processing State Product Type Province/State Accepted on
WC3320030806003 Single-way talk Minor Task assignment ZXJ10/switching system Jilin 2003-8-6 14:08:53
*** *** ***** *** *** *** ***

      The system provides statistical, analysis and report tools such as data list, data statistics, percentage comparison, graphical analysis and tendency curve to analyze the performance of ZTE products and learn the running state of customer networks, so as to help continuously improve ZTE products and expand the product performance, thus really learning customer needs and helping customers bring their dreams into reality.

      With powerful tracking and analysis tools, GCSC is able to provide analysis reports on the running of ZTE equipment for customers and comprehensively analyze the problem occurrence ratio, frequency and problem causes for a certain type of customer groups, so as to help customers improve routine O&M and prevent or reduce the negative influence of problems.