Teaching Resources and Partners

      Excellent lecturers are the origin of core competitive edge of ZTE University!

      ZTE University has been devoted to strengthening the professionalism of lecturers. At present, it has developed a suite of effective competency certification, management and assessment systems for lecturers. It possesses a team of nearly 100 professional, expertized and competent lecturers, all of whom hold Bachelor's degree or above and 30% of whom hold Master or Doctor's degree. For instance, all lecturers of technical training have rich technical expertise and engineering maintenance experience.

   Management Training

      ZTE University fully entrusts the planning and operation of management training to Shenzhen Excellence Management Consulting Co., Ltd.

      Shenzhen Excellence Management Consulting Co., Ltd. is currently one of the biggest training service providers in China for telecommunication enterprises.

   Technical Training

      ZTE University cooperates with renowned colleges/universities of powerful technical strength to construct training centers, so as to timely and effectively meet growing training requirements of customers.

      ZTE University will keep strengthening cooperation and exchange with more universities/colleges so as to do better. We wish that you will be our next partner!